Website Portal Development with CIGNEX

We partner with CIGNEX Datamatics to bring a number of different business solutions to our clients. CIGNEX is a global leader in providing Systems of Engagement and Systems of Insights in areas like Open Source Enterprise Portals, Content Management, Big Data Analytics and e-Commerce solutions for businesses.

On our industry blog, we recently shared some insight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the state of machine development today. Referencing CIGNEX as a leader in automation and robotic processing. Through their automated solutions, companies can save around 25-30% of resources, dramatically cutting costs and improving their bottom line.

In addition to providing our client base with Robotic, DevOps and Test automation solutions, our unique partnership with CIGNEX also allows us to deliver bespoke portal development. With tailored modules to suit your business needs.

Through CIGNEX, we can help you develop e-Commerce portals applicable to every market sector. Including dedicated solutions for both consumer and trade:

  • B2B e-Commerce portal

This is a unified B2B customer portal complete with e-Commerce capability. Designed to connect your business effortlessly with both customer and supplier. Manage your entire relationship cycle in one place and keep all communications effective and efficient. Some key benefits of this platform include lower cost of procurement (through reduced transaction charges), better contract management, and improvements in the supply chain (such as increased visibility and easy collaboration).

  • B2C e-Commerce portal

A seamless process for online shoppers, designed with simple and easy usability and an interface that promises the best shopper experience possible. For back-end users, the portal is easy to setup and manage. And because there is little maintenance required after purchase, this e-commerce portal guarantees low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). A worthwhile investment with great ROI for any retailer.

Our partnered experts over at CIGNEX can also help you build and design Intranet systems for efficient in-house management, Extranet platforms for trade groups and suppliers, user experience platforms or mobile platforms. Furthermore, CIGNEX specialises in web content management, document management and enterprise integration to give you a completely tailored solution. Whatever type of portal you need and for whatever purpose, we can help you develop it through our affiliation with CIGNEX.

To find out more about how we can help you develop a web portal or e-Commerce portal, get in touch with our team here at Brite Advice. Call +44(0) 207 030 3146 or email and someone will be happy to discuss the next steps with you.

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