Reducing Paperwork by 80% with HRLogix Technology

One of the biggest problems that HR managers face today is the ever-mounting paperwork on their desks. According to research shared by our partner DocLogix, 70% of all HR managers complain about it. But routine paperwork sort of comes with the territory, as managing in-house resource requires the exchange of contracts and official documents every day.

What if all this could be done online? The paperless office seems like a no brainer for businesses that want to save the environment whilst also saving time and money. With the latest research revealing that the majority of UK SMEs are still wasting around 120 hours a year on admin (reference), it seems that not everyone is ready to take a leap into the digital future.

So why are more businesses not going paperless? Some of the reservations could be fear of compliance with regulations or even fear of security. Another reason why many businesses still print paper is to retrieve a physical signature. However signatures can now be done digitally and there is competitive document management software that can help.

We’re pleased to introduce HRLogix, a safe and secure HR technology solution that works for businesses of every size.  HRLogix an all-in-one flexible HR platform from DocLogix, designed to support the needs of HR professional at all levels. From HR directors and managers to HR administrators who handle a lot of paperwork day in, day out. The platform is also scalable, so it can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the modern HR environment and grow was your department or business grows.

And as with all DocLogix products, this platform assures compliance with internal as well as external standards at the same time, and can assist companies with GDPR compliance, preventing costly mistakes and penalties.

HRLogix features an easy to use dashboard and can be used for recruitment management, onboarding and exit management, absence management, personnel profile management and cross-company collaboration. It offers different permission controls for the members of your team and most importantly, it’s a fantastic step in turning your office into a paperless work environment.

The most impressive feature of this HR management solution is the stats. It shows 69% improved user experience for employees, managers and HR teams, with 50% reduced time spent on employee admin – as well 80% less routine paperwork.

All DocLogix systems can be accessed remotely from almost any device. So HR managers that work on the go can easily send, retrieve or sign documents from a mobile phone or tablet.

To find out more about document management solutions through our partner DocLogix, get in touch with the Brite Advice team today. We can provide you with more information on going paperless and digitising your content. Call +44(0) 207 030 3146 to speak to someone about making the switch.