Minimise Print Downtime with Apogee’s Print, Document and Process Technology

Print downtime is commonplace in any business. We’ve all experienced print server downtime at some point, and we’ve all witnessed the effects it can have on day to day production. One of the easiest ways to prevent downtime is to have a backup print server. This way, you can ensure that business printing can continue even when something goes wrong.

But a backup server comes at a cost, and quite often this can cancel out any savings you potentially make by keeping the show running. Extra server hardware will need to be powered and maintained, whilst server software will have to be licensed. All adding up to be a big overhead, with no guarantee that it will successfully back up the primary server when it crashes. In some cases, it can even be advised to have double server redundancy which can be even more costly. For small or growing businesses, this can have a detrimental effect on cash flow.

This is why it can be extremely beneficial to have all your printing needs outsourced to another company. A managed printing service not only saves you money on printers and lets your in-house IT managers focus on other important problems, but it can help you reduce paper waste and increase efficiency in the work space.

Our partner Apogee specialise are industry leaders for Managed Print Services and Digital Document Services, offering clients 24/7 on-demand high volume digital printing, copying and scanning. Without the need to buy, own or manage printing devices within your own premises. And without the need to pay for engineers to come out and fix the problem when your devices stop working. You can gain complete control of your printing costs and you will have access to the latest new technologies, such as mobile printing.

Apogee has a number of production sites across the country, each with their own impressive ranges of document production technology and a team of fully trained engineers to ensure that there is zero downtime with their outsourced printing solutions. They also have in excess of £250,000 worth of quality parts and consumables to ensure maximum uptime, and they have the facilities to deliver more than 300 million mono and 65 million colour pages every single year.

Additionally, the services we provide through Apogee can help your business reduce its carbon footprint. As much as 20% of all printed materials are wasted in an average office, but Apogee take a green approach to printing and they can help you reduce your environmental impact whilst also saving you time and money.

If you want to go green in 2018 and minimise print downtime, get in touch with our team to discuss printing and document management solutions. Call +44(0) 207 030 3146 now or email us direct on