Digital Consultancy: Put your Business on a Digital Business Platform

The world of digital is hardly a new concept. Most businesses are familiar with mobile technology, the cloud, big data and smart devices. And the once distant paradigm of The Internet of Things is now turning into a physical reality. With many companies already embracing smarter operations and taking on connected devices and gadgets.
But when it comes to implementing digital strategy, why are some businesses doing better than others? A survey conducted by research group Forrester looked at 150 companies within retail, CPG and B2B, and found that there were many contributing factors to a brand’s ability to strategize successfully. Including how they rated the importance of digital, their objectives, the challenges they faced, and their key focuses when running their digital strategy.

There are a lot of different considerations here, and it’s apparent that digital still requires fine-tuning when it comes to method and approach. And as we enter into the ‘Digital Future’, there will be a shift in consultancy needs from Small to Medium enterprises.

The Future of Digital Offices

Consulting in the digital age is a practice that needs to mould to an agile environment. An example of this change is seen in mobile printers and scanners; it is predicted that by 2018, half of organisations will adopt mobile printing technology for staff working remotely. The advancements in technology – as well as the collaboration of operating system vendors and hardware providers – mean that printing from mobile devices is much easier. Systems like these can help to save time and money, allowing teams to maximise face-to-face client meetings without slowing down the pace of activity.

But it’s not just printing tech, like the services from our partnered providers, Apogee and Brother, that will reshape the new ‘digital office’. Document management solutions (such as DocLogix), digitised facilities management software (such as Incident Desk) or social media management tools (such as Agorapulse) are all services that we provide here at Brite Advice. And they can all help to boost workplace efficiency whilst giving you that competitive edge during the world’s biggest digital shift.

Additionally, forecasts (however optimistic) reveal that as many as 50 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2020. One of the current examples we can look at is Amazon’s ‘Alexa’; a tool that allows users to access digital council services through the use of voice activated channels. And this is just the beginning. Smart mobile-activated kettles that can be turned on remotely or refrigerators that order milk when you’re running low will soon become common household devices. So it’s an inevitable fate. Everything is going to be online and connected to be web. Making expert digital consultancy and a polished strategy more important than ever for businesses looking to grow.

Growth Through Digital

In order to grow with the digital age, companies need to embrace the latest technologies and invest time and money into building an efficient, agile ‘office of the future’. And as operations become increasingly digitalised, security measures and data protection will be of paramount importance.

Deploying something such as DocLogix for document management actually provides a safer management solution for businesses, with tools to ensure the highest levels of security with a greater reassurance that there is full compliance to the latest regulations (and in particular GDPR just around the corner).

In addition to putting a focus on internet security, there also needs to be focus on the growing world of social media. These days, it is an essential fragment of any brand that wants to stay connected to their audience or customer. And over the next decade, as the Internet of Things turns everyday ‘dumb’ objects into smart web-based devices, there will be an even bigger need to revolutionise and be compliant in the way we collaborate and communicate, both internally and externally.

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