Automate Work Processes & Improve Efficiency with ServiceNow

With Industry 4.0 imminent and a much bigger need to take things online, businesses everywhere are looking for reliable and scalable ways of digitisation in the workplace. Everyday processes can be simplified, streamlined and controlled through the power of automation. And as a larger percentage of industry turns to automated systems over manual administration, it’s important for businesses of every size to get up to date.

ServiceNow is one of the cloud services offered by our technology partner, CIGNEX Datamatics, and it can automate enterprise service operations by creating a single system for all business processes within an organisation. Bringing together strategy, design, transition and operation with ongoing management that can completely modernise your business.

This cloud based workflow and automation system can assist organisations with things such as business process management, IT operations management, application development and custom application development, as well as providing a ServiceNow Helpdesk and effective ticketing system. All applications are built on a single platform-as-a-service to offer businesses a consistent and intuitive user experience through the entire IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service lifecycle.

Improve Efficiency & Safety

Not only can these applications help to minimise workplace discrepancies, but it can greatly improve efficiency. Saving businesses both time and money. Additionally, automation can also help to tackle the problematic matter of in-house security, something which will be essential for GDPR compliance.

Watch this video to find out more about ServiceNow, and how it can eliminate the problems surrounding manual processes and security in your organisation:

ServiceNow Case Study

An example of how the ServiceNow cloud solution has helped to overcome security issues can be seen in many case studies.

More specifically, CIGNEX enabled a leading global pharmaceutical company to fully automate their business case submission process, something which was done manually and posed both control and security problems prior to cloud deployment. The manual process was time-consuming and inefficient due to extra time and effort required for dealing with errors and follow-ups.

But with the new system in place, the company was able to take control of every stage of the workflow. This was achieved by adding a rule driven form entry, a review and approval setting, status updates and a submission tracking function, and capability to convert data into a presentable format. The system also allowed the client to extract all historical business cases for review, generating clear reports which helped the business develop and move forward in the right direction.

If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from cloud based automation, get in touch with our team today. We partner with CIGNEX Datamatics to find the right cloud services for you. Call +44(0) 207 030 3146 or use our online contact form to get in touch.