A.I (Artificial Intelligence): What’s Happening with Robotics & Machine Learning Today

Right now, Google’s London-based A.I research partner, Deepmind, is in the midst of exploring the ethical and societal questions raised by Artificial Intelligence. And earlier this year, the European parliament pushed for the drafting of regulations and ‘robot rights’.

The world is on the cusp of a technological revolution. That much is certain. And homes, businesses, government bodies and entire cities will be impacted over the next decade. From The Internet of Things and self-driving cars to brick-laying robots, there are many ways in which your business could benefit. But one of the biggest changes to embrace at this current moment is the power of automation.

Automated solutions can completely transform your business model, and our partners at CIGNEX Datamatics are leading the way in this arena. According to CIGNEX thought leaders, automation of repetitive tasks can eliminate nearly 25-30% of a company's workforce (at a cost of between US$3000-10,000 a year recurring and a one-time capital investment of US$2000-10,000). To them, automation is a no-brainer. And it’s about to change the world:

Every 25 years a major technology shift takes place which portends disruption for mankind for the next 50 to 100 years. We are currently witnessing the powerful impact of a new disruptor and it is simply called Automation. - Paul Anthony, President Sales at CIGNEX Datamatics

With most companies overloaded with processes in everything from customer management to supplier and employee management, it makes sense to turn to automation. A bot can also perform at over 99.5% accuracy, saving a company both time and money.

Pretty much every industry, from construction and manufacturing to transportation and healthcare, will benefit from automated systems. Making everything easier, faster and better in every way. And taking into account the obvious advantages of bots over humans – no annual leave, sick days or pay reviews, all with minimal training required – there is little reason to resist.

Simply put, robotic technology allows you to complete everyday tasks faster and more efficiently. Allowing organisations to focus on important business development, creating more opportunities for growth and expansion.

As the world moves from digital to automation, the competitive advantage for most companies is about getting there first. We are proud to be working with a brand that can help our SMEs do just that. Currently, CIGNEX Datamatics can provide services in the following areas:

  • Robotic Process Automation (automated business processes and optimisation of unstructured information to improve effectiveness and efficiency)
  • DevOps Automation (automation tools for continuous development, integration and delivery)
  • Test Automation (automation test scripts and test plans that makes it easier to review test code)
  • Marketing Automation (seamlessly integrated marketing tools that can run email campaigns and create landing pages with various platforms including portals, ecommerce platforms and CRM systems)

CIGNEX is a Silicon Valley based, global, pure-play, Open Source leader offering enterprise-grade solutions, platforms, products and services for Systems of Engagement and Insight. To find out more about what we can offer through CIGNEX Datamatics, please contact us on +44(0) 207 030 3146 or email info@synergymediaprojects.co.uk.

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