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Business technology solutions that put you in control...

In today’s competitive business world, technology is the most vital tool at our disposal. From the way we communicate and collaborate internally, and with clients and stakeholders, to the way we store and access information.

Brite Advice understands that in order to stay on top of the game, your business needs the support of sophisticated technology solutions.

Brite Advice offer technology solutions to keep your business on top:


DocLogix is an adaptable, configurable, and easy-to-scale document and business process management solution that allows users to create, adjust, and monitor business workflows. It enables users to gain control over unstructured content as well as reap tangible benefits while still using their favourite work environment.


incident-desk-logoIncident Desk – used by facilities managers around the world – captures, categories, routes, tracks and manages incidents and service requests to a speedy resolution, quickly, accurately and simply.


Constantly on the look-out for new and innovative ways to handle our clients' social media accounts, Brite Advice have chosen to work with newcomers to the social media software market: Agora Pulse. Using the sophisticated Agora Pulse platform, together with our own unique blend of social media know-how, Brite Advice are able to offer winning social media management solutions, beautiful reporting, and innovative social media marketing that is second to none.


 Apogee is a market-leading independent Managed Services provider of print, document and process technology across the UK and Europe.  Their reputation as the first choice provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on the unique approach they have taken to Managed Services, pro-actively monitoring their clients to maximise their uptime, and the innovation they employ to maintain a portfolio of services which differentiate they.


FormStorm Enterprise is a state-of-the-art form processing software that uses OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, form classification, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition in order to reduce the cost and time required to capture and enter data from paper to databases.


CloudTrade was established to address one of the main challenges the founders were experiencing in the e-invoicing and e-trading market, that being: how to move the maximum number of trading partners onto electronic document delivery in the shortest possible time frame - and without disrupting the supply chain!

We achieve this using our patented e-document service.

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