Press Release Writing Services

Press release writing services: tell your story...

Our experienced writing team are exactly that… writers. We know a good story when we see one and there’s nothing we love to do more than to tell it. Having written for clients across the UK and Europe in multiple sectors, we know how to put a together a great press release that will tell your story.

Expanding your business? Making an impact in the local community? Fundraising thousands for a worthy cause? Made a major tech breakthrough, or developed an amazing app? Great! Let’s talk…

We also know what doesn’t make a great story, so if you want to run your idea for a press release past us first, we’ll be totally honest if we don’t think we can help, so you don’t waste your precious time and resources.

Once we’ve written your awesome press release, we can build a highly targeted distribution list that offers direct one-to-one contact with selected journalists for precision targeting, together with SEO news distribution that reaches major news websites and key search engines. This means that we can optimise the opportunities for journalists, local, national and trade press, radio and television producers, and online influencers and bloggers to see and publish your story.

Blogger Outreach

Using our top-performing subscription software, we can search and reach out to hundreds of influential UK bloggers in your niche. With a mix of our proven tailored approach and the temptation of a product sample from your stock, you could have your products in the hands of some of the most-read bloggers in the country.

Blogger outreach programmes help you to get your products noticed by your ideal customers, drive traffic to your website, improve your organic search position, and most importantly increase your sales.

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