LinkedIn Coaching

Become a LinkedIn All-Star with LinkedIn Coaching Services from Brite Advice

With more than 364 million global users, LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool in the world. It enables every kind of professional -- journalists, recruiters, C-suite executives, sales reps, HR managers, etc -- to connect and engage with potential clients, candidates, employers and business partners from every market sector.

Having an engaging profile that showcases your expertise and encourages contact is an excellent start, but it's only half the battle. Knowing how to exploit the features of LinkedIn and turn them to your advantage will significantly boost your success rate.

LinkedIn coaching from Brite Advice can be delivered via one-on-one training through Skype or web meeting technology. We also offer team and in-house coaching to ensure your entire team fully maximise their LinkedIn exposure.

LinkedIn coaching sessions last for approximately 90 minutes and work to a highly bespoke plan, tailored to each individual.

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