Why Outsource to South Africa

South Africa is becoming increasingly attractive as an outsourcing destination for businesses across the Atlantic, and there are many valid reasons why this country is becoming such a popular place to subcontract to. Outsourcing to SA brings a number of benefits that can help small to medium sized businesses expand successfully. -

  1. Similar Time Zone

One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing overseas is the loss of communication due to varying time zones. But due to South African Standard Time (SAST) being just one hour ahead of GMT, contractors and companies in SA are the perfect partners to work with.

  1. Fewer Language Problems

In South Africa, English is one of the most widely spoken languages. Whilst South African English varies in tone, accent and pronunciation to UK and American English, they use the same vocabulary and language structure as we do. So there will be little/no language barrier and business communications should run very smoothly.

  1. An Untapped Resource of Skills

The country of South Africa is an untapped resource of experts, where people are well-trained with excellent skillsets. Particularly for Information technology, SA stands out from other countries as a leader in today’s business climate. IT outsourcing has become a growing trend in South Africa; and its diverse local market, first world know-how coupled with a developing country environment make it an ideal partner for affordability and testing out new innovations.

  1. Fresh Talent in Mobile Technology

South Africa’s developing technology landscape has become an ideal breeding ground for up and coming talent, particularly within the mobile applications, support and testing arena. So for companies looking to outsource a mobile team, South Africa is a great place with skilled tech stars and forward-thinking individuals, ready to take your project by the horns and hit the ground running.

  1. Build SA Trade Relations

Outsourcing to SA ensures that we continue to build strong trade and economic relations, following the visit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to South Africa at the end of last year. South Africa is the third biggest trading partner for the UK in the Commonwealth and more recently, South African investors have significantly stepped up their involvement, with a 400% increase of SA investment in UK property.

  1. Strong Cultural Ties

In addition to strengthened trade relations despite Brexit and the boost of SA investment in the UK property market, there are many other things linking the two countries. Including a shared language, cultural links, and similar systems of law and finance. So getting along with your business associates and partners (and understanding interrelated legal matters) should be incredibly easy. There is also a large South African community here in the UK and many British expats as well as British descents living in SA – which connects us even further.

  1. Social Contribution

Not only will working with outsourcing companies in South Africa bring benefits to your business in a direct way, but your involvement will encourage better employment opportunities in South Africa as whole. One of our partners, DVT, puts a lot of focus on social contribution, helping to equip young and talented individuals with training, skills and expertise. And we believe that it should be in every organisation’s interest to contribute to such an important global partner, whilst creating positive PR for their own brand.