Key Elements of Your Company You Should Be Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows small businesses to grow in the most cost-effective (and often flexible) way, with the best possible resources available. This is a setup that is beneficial for small cash flow companies, SMEs, or new businesses looking to penetrate the market. A record number of start-ups (with 80 new companies being born per hour in 2016) were documented last year. And with more entrepreneurs than ever, there is a big demand for high quality, expert and bespoke outsourcing solutions.

Here are the key areas of your company that you should consider outsourcing for the most effective operation.

Marketing & PR

One of the most important areas that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to look at is Marketing & PR. With online marketing now a fundamental element of any business strategy, companies should be searching for the best digital solutions to create brand awareness and to promote their products/services. A digital marketing retainer service can provide you with regular support, without the need to invest money into expensive in-house resources. Areas of expertise include social media marketing, online PR, and content production such as copywriting or blogging.

Finance / Accounting

The biggest cost of running a finance department is human resources, not only hiring staff but also retaining staff. This can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially for most small businesses that do not yet require a full time CFO. Outsourcing your entire finance function or hiring a ‘fractional’ CFO to come in a few hours a week will give your business considerable cost savings.

Business Development

There are many benefits to outsourcing your business development efforts, including having a focused and specialised team working on your behalf to reach new or existing markets. So not only can out-of-house business development save you time and money, but it can often give you better results. Business development consultancy means that your contractor is fully accountable too, they will be in touch with the latest trends, and they already have systems in place so you won’t need to develop your own in-house systems and structures.

Find out more about our business development solutions. We can help with everything from new market entry and channel partner on-boarding to pipeline development and solution development.

Procurement Solutions

Outsourced procurement is much more than just a cost reduction measure. Unlike other departments which may be outsourced to reduce headcount, procurement solutions can actually help to improve existing processes and systems within your company – making it an attractive prospect for businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing these solutions allows your business to access highly skilled experts, putting you in touch with extensive networks. Larger companies or small companies experiencing growth spurts will certainly benefit from this and procurement consultants can be directed on delivering specific KPIs, therefore process can be very results-driven. Find out more about our expert procurement solutions online or contact us to discuss your needs.