7 Benefits to a Remote Working Environment

Today’s advancements in technology allow companies to be more agile in their office structure. Virtual environments can now connect people from all around the world, with 24/7 communications at their fingertips. Game-changing document management software allows the sharing of important information in the most secure and responsive ways. And the power of outsourcing helps businesses grow without the in-house costs or the need to increase business space.

The tools for digitisation are certainly there for those who want it. But for many business owners, the concept of remote working can be scary. It’s a big shift from the traditional office environment. But there are many benefits to telecommuting. Including:

  1. Better Productivity

It’s a common fear that employees are not working to the best of their abilities when they are in a remote workspace. But numerous studies have shown that flexible working (such as working from home) can actually improve productivity.

  1. Eco-friendly

Telecommuting helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Not only does a remote environment cut car emissions, but your employees will benefit from the added perk of being able to avoid stressful rush hour traffic.

  1. Experience Growth

Your business will have a better opportunity to grow through employing the best people for the job. A virtual office does not restrict your pool of talent to the local area. You can find top managers from anywhere in the world.

  1. Cheaper Running Costs

Employing remote workers, outsourcing or taking on freelancers allows you to expand your business without the high cost of real estate. Floor space is expensive and if you choose to outsource, you can also cut back on the cost of recruitment.

  1. Improve Staff Retention

Not only do studies reveal that flexible working can positively impact productivity, but they also tell us that employees are much happier and have better mental health. Happy staff work harder and are more loyal, improving retention for your brand.

  1. Attract Millennial Workers

Millennial workers are highly experienced with modern technology. They also desire a good work/life balance and take particular care of their health (including metal health). Perhaps much more than the generation before them, due to the increased awareness in the world today. So telecommuting roles will be extremely appealing, and will attract young talent to bring new ideas to your business.

  1. Telecommuting is the future

We’re heading towards an era of A.I and robotics, automated processes, The Internet of Things (IoT), and digital offices. Making the shift now prepares your business for changes to come, and makes the model scalable for the next generation.  Remote working can benefit both employer and employee, and marks of office of the future.