Welcoming New Digital Marketing & Sales Expertise at Brite Advice

Over the last month, there have been some exciting changes at Brite Advice. We’re very pleased to announce some new associates and consultants, including Joseph Alvarez, who joins the team as Business Development Associate for London and the South East, and Bhavinder Reyatt, as Business Development Manager. Joseph and Bhavinder will be supporting both Brite Advice and our client base with the development of new opportunities and will strengthen the sales efforts across our business units.

Juliana Vorono and Neil Faulkner also joined us in September as Implementation Consultants. Neil offers a unique combination of finance, accounting and technical knowledge to Brite Advice clients' seeking support with refining corporate performance management processes. Juliana’s expertise with DocLogix technology is invaluable in supporting our clients with the development and build of customised DocLogix software that includes CRM and HR management technology.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of Octopi Marketing, and with it the appointment of our new Marketing Director, Libby Calaby. This means that Brite Advice can now make digital marketing and PR solutions available to our ever-growing client base.

Kulvinder Reyatt, CEO of Brite Advice, says, “Octopi Marketing was a successful, forward-thinking company and were up to date in all the latest digital trends and developments; to bring this level of industry knowledge into our team at Brite Advice is an extremely positive move and these services are already in high demand.”

This advantageous acquisition brings the expertise of Libby and a dedicated team to the organisation, putting us in a better position to provide a comprehensive service. Our digital marketing solutions include social media management, blog content, website content management, PR, influencer outreach and ecommerce marketing.

With digital marketing being more important than ever, we believe that the arrival of our new Marketing Director will help to shape a new future for our company and our extensive client portfolio.

More than 3 billion people – that’s 43% of the world’s population – were recorded to be using the internet in early 2016, with a 9% YoY growth of laptop and PC usage plus a 21% YoY growth in mobile and tablet usage. Online campaigns are critical to business survival and this will only become more apparent as we go further into the digital era.

Not only does the world’s growing internet usage increase our need to advertise and promote products and services online, but rising consumption of the web means that our clients need to consider how they promote their own professional images across various platforms such as social media, business forums or business news sites.

In direct response to this growing need, Libby brings with her more than a decade of personal branding and LinkedIn expertise, allowing us to focus more closely on working directly with individuals and their online reputation. Her experience in this field supports executive clients to reclaim ownership of their digital footprint to present a strong personal brand across different channels.

With an experienced marketer heading up the new marketing and personal branding business unit for Brite Advice, we can now offer not just a wide range of stand-alone services, but a complete full circle solution. One which includes ongoing support, advice and professional guidance.

If you would like to find out more about how you can develop authority online, or about any of the management consultancy services offered by Brite Advice, please get in touch.