Incident Desk: The Facilities Management Godsend. Even if You’re Not Actually in Facilities Management

Your company has a problem and it’s your job to fix it. But your problem is, you don’t know the problem exists yet. The nightmare scenario. Someone else in the company knows about the problem, because:

  1. A customer phoned it in;
  2. An engineer spotted it as she drove past;
  3. One of the field service guys was there and saw it; or
  4. Add your own version of 1, 2 or 3…

Unfortunately, your organisation hasn’t got a tested, fool-proof way to get the information from whoever on the front line has it to the person (you) who needs it.

Now scrap that word “unfortunately,” because fortune has nothing to do with it. There needs to be a tested, fool-proof way. There has to be a tested, fool-proof way. And now, thanks to Incident Desk, there is.

Incident Desk is a very clever Computer Aided Facilities Management app developed by Solution House that logs reports of on-the-spot and urgent facilities management needs. Solution House has been operating in South Africa for the past eleven years, and now Brite Advice has teamed with them to bring Incident Desk to the UK, via the newly incorporated Solution House UK.

Manufacturer, retailer, council, government department, university, police force, shopping centre…it doesn’t matter who or what you are; the scene above happens to you. Responding quickly to those unforeseen emergencies wins you customer loyalty, but it does more than that: it cuts costs, improves staff morale and puts in place a system helpful to everyone, no matter what the size of your organisation or customer base.

Incident Desk is Software as a Service (SaaS); an application that, by running in the cloud, allows input from anywhere in the world to be read by a staff member; globally. Real-time alerts mean real time fixes. You already have the means to solve the problem; what you lack is the instant notification that the problem exists.

Is this for you? Well, do you (every day or only sometimes) take a call that tells you something needs attention? Are you in the business of security? Field service? Remote monitoring? Facilities management? Transport? Retail? Education? We could go on because, really, there is today almost no organisation that doesn’t suffer when clients, customers, visitors, or members of the public have a bad experience.

Remember when people used to promise to exceed your expectations? No-one makes that claim any longer because in 2016 customer expectations are sky high and cannot be exceeded – if you do the most fantastic job ever, the customer will take it as their due and expect the same quality next time. In an environment like that, you need an instant response to any incident – you need Incident Desk.

For further information on the Incident Desk product, Solution House UK, get in touch with the team at Brite Advice: +44 (0) 207 030 3146