Brite Advice is a ISO 9001 Accredited Company

We are delighted to announce that Brite Advice has completed its ISO 9001 accreditation. Such a simple sentence, and so much behind it. ISO 9001 is about quality. The journey to this point has been long, both for the world at large and for Brite Advice.

To take the global view first, you could probably say that a concern with quality, though it had been evident much earlier, took actual shape in Britain in 1979 when the British Standards Institute (BSI) introduced BS 5750. That was about Quality Control: the detection of errors. Eight years later, in 1987, Britain embraced the new standard from the International Standards Organisation (ISO), ISO 9001 – but 9001 (1987) was a far cry from ISO 9001 as it is now.

The target in 1987, embodied in the first ISO 9001, was not Quality Control but Quality Assurance. Not detecting faults, but preventing them. A step forward, we can all agree.

It took another 13 years for the world to accept that, really, this wasn’t working as well as it should. The reason wasn’t far to seek: to ensure ultimate quality – in a service, in a product or in a process – it is not enough to find and prevent faults; the only real solution is a Quality Management System (QMS). And so, since 2000, ISO 9001 has examined a candidate company’s QMS, ensuring that it is properly documented and faithfully followed. The effect of ISO 9001 is to instil throughout a company a “quality” mindset; an approach that says that everything we do has to be done right.

In Brite Advice’s case, there seemed at first to be a lot of documents and a lot of questions. But it was worth it. Two key elements in the ISO 9001 approach to Quality Management Systems are:

  • An ethos of continuous improvement; and
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

CEO of Brite Advice, Kulvinder Reyatt, says, “I am extremely pleased that we have been able to achieve the ISO9001 standard. As a small business working in the corporate field it's important for us to show that we have the correct processes and procedures in place to support and meet the expectations of larger corporates.”

Brite Advice is proud to have achieved this standard, which is less common than you may imagine – only 70,000 British companies have achieved it. We look forward to showing our new and existing clients, as well as our loyal partners, what real quality means in practice.