Questions You Should Be Asking Your Marketing Team

When it comes to getting the most out of your marketing department, there really is a lot to think about. Striking the balance between autonomous working and highly managed projects is key. And with so many different marketing channels to look after, weekly/monthly catch-up meetings are essential if you want to keep on top of things as a manager. But with time being the greatest currency in any workplace, it’s good to keep your reviews concise.

So what questions should you be asking in your marketing team meeting? Here are some of the questions that will help you review, reflect and move forward with projects.

Q1. What are your goals this week/month and how will you achieve them?

Discuss the next actions required on a project, and use the following meeting to review what’s been achieved. Being transparent with weekly/monthly goals will help you track everyone’s progress as a manager. Encourage open dialogue so you can share ideas on how best to undertake challenging or difficult tasks.

Q2. What are the metrics used to track success?

Whatever marketing channels your team is using, tracking is absolutely essential. This should be the questions asked at the start of every project. From tracking unique traffic, sales conversions, page views and bounce rate on website analytics to tracking store purchases or event footfall, thorough analysis is hugely beneficial. Getting an update in every meeting will give you a topline report on what’s going on.

Q3. Which techniques are working and which are not?

Always stop to consider the successes and failures at every stage. Don’t let your team suffer in silence with unfruitful marketing practices; openly discuss areas that are not doing well and propose a constructive brainstorming session – breakout rooms are great for this kind of creative thinking and ideas generation. Marketing trends are always changing and new techniques emerge all the time, so reviewing and renewing will help you keep ahead of the curve.

Q4. What have you done differently to improve results?

A good marketing team should always be striving for better results. From individual targets for marketing execs to pushing the team as a whole, there’s always a way to achieve more with your next campaign. Not only does this inspire healthy competition and dynamism in the office, but it will help to drive your team to success.

Q5. How can our marketing channels work better together?

It’s easily done when you have a team of specialists, each working in their own field. But being too autonomous can lead to poor synchronisation. Social media can boost website traffic, whilst in store promotions can strengthen online, and blog content can provide fantastic material for email marketing. Ensure every member of your team is harnessing the powerful links and connections between platforms by asking them to share their ideas in a group session.