Key Marketing Dates for 2017

If you haven’t already, then now is the time to start planning the 2017 key marketing dates for your company’s calendar. There are many key marketing dates in the UK throughout the year, and some will undoubtedly be more important than others for your business. To give you a helping hand, here are some of the most important general UK marketing calendar events set to take place in 2017.

Take note of the ones which are relevant to your brand / business and make sure your marketing collateral / campaigns launch on time.


(28th) Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year falls on a Saturday, but continues for seven consecutive days, giving businesses the chance to plan in time to celebrate or launch timely campaigns.


(9th) Pancake Day: Perfect for businesses in the food, hospitality or retail industries.

(14th) Valentine’s Day: This is an event with global appeal and recognition. A major date for retailers (prime time for sales events and discounts) but also suitable across other industries if you can make it relevant.

(26th) The Oscars: A great excuse to get dressed up and entertain clients or organise a glamorous staff bonding event. Also suitable for creative business or fashion retailers who can market off the back of celebs culture.


(8th) International Women’s Day: A great day for celebrating the success of women the world over. If you have female colleagues, maybe think about promoting their success as a recruitment tool, or if you’re selling to women, perhaps consider offering them a discount on your products or services.

(26th) Mother’s Day: It’s not just flowers and chocolate that are perfect for Mother’s Day. There are plenty of retail promotional opportunities here. Also on Mother’s day, the clocks will be going forward – the perfect excuse to celebrate Spring!


 (1st) April Fool’s Day: Not just for pranks around the office! April Fool’s Day could prove to be a great marketing opportunity for businesses who are willing to get creative.

(16th) Easter Sunday: The weeks running up to Easter provide a great chance for retailers across the board, marketing to parents and families for the upcoming Easter break, kids and adults alike in confectionery, or for general retail companies and business service providers to initiate discounts.

Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday) is also a date to note down, especially for the retail world.

(22nd) Earth Day: A good time for socially responsible companies to do their bit for the environment and show that they’re eco-friendly.


(2nd) Early May Bank Holiday: One of the biggest bank holidays of the year and ideal for pre-bank holiday marketing emailers and sales.

(9th) Eurovision: A fantastic date to celebrate business connections with Europe.

(30th) Spring Bank Holiday: The second bank holiday in May which lands after payday for many working professionals, so an ideal time to market goods and services. The whole of May also serves as a great time for the short break travel industry.


(19th) Father’s Day: An opportunity for retail sales events focused on men.


(11th) World Population Day: On the same day every year since 1989, World Population Day is a time to raise awareness of global population issues. A date to remember for businesses who want to up their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) profile.


(8th) International Cat Day: Cats make up some of the biggest stars on social media. Many famous Instagram cats have now become minor celebrities so this is a great opportunity to work on your social media marketing.


(31st) Halloween: One of the most popular calendar dates of the year in the UK and US (and many European countries).


(1st) Movember: Ideal for businesses who want to encourage raising money for charity.

(13th) World Kindness Day: A day for companies to nice things and pass on the kindness. Treat your customers to 2-4-1, take your clients to an event, or create a team building weekend to thank your staff and boost morale.

(24th) Black Friday: A great day for Sales Directors – plan far in advance to ensure that your shop floor / website can handle the footfall or traffic.

(26th) Small Business Saturday: Perhaps a time to network and reach out to other businesses in the local area. A celebration of start-ups and small companies looking for growth.


(1st) Giving Tuesday: Use the hashtag #givingtuesday to join in the social conversation and use this day as a day to give back through organised charitable events. Raise your profile as a caring, responsible and ethical business!

(24th, 25th and 26th) Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day – of course!

(31st) New Year’s Eve: Christmas pretty much takes over the theme of the month so much of your marketing should have a festive focus. But NYE should not be side-lined as this is an important day for many. Fashion businesses should come into their own before New Year’s Eve and many early sales should be in full swing.

If you have other key marketing dates to share, please let us know so we can update this list!

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