The 3 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your LinkedIn Visibility Right Now

LinkedIn has evolved incredibly over the past decade. This professional social media platform has grown from an online CV tool, into an essential component for online personal branding. Today it has more than 364 million global users, with more than two signups every second, making it the most powerful networking resource in the world.

Having an engaging profile is more important than ever. At Brite Advice, we provide LinkedIn coaching and profile writing services to clients from every walk of life, so we know that no matter who you are, keeping your profile polished, up to date and active is vital to success. But the first step is getting seen. So here are three things you need to do to increase your LinkedIn visibility right now.

1. Optimise your profile with keywords

The way we use the internet has evolved with the rise of sites like Google and Amazon. Consumers expect to be able to use every site in the same way they would use Google, by entering keywords to find what they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.

When writing your profile, consider the important keywords that will resonate with your target markets. Who are you trying to attract and which key phrases will interest them? LinkedIn users search for certain skills or job titles so make sure you optimise your headline, summary and career section with the right phrases.

Whether you’re a senior sales exec, a children's toy manufacturer or a digital marketing expert, you need to use keywords related to your job and your industry. But it’s also important to understand character limits. For example, your headline allows 120 characters so you must choose your words wisely. And remember to never overstuff keywords otherwise your profile could appear spammy. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between readability and keyword potential.

2. Expand your network (and don’t be shy about it)

Many LinkedIn experts have differing views about how and why to expand your network. The fact is, all of them are right, in their own way. Ultimately, though, it’s completely down to personal choice and depends on how comfortable you are with connecting with people that you don’t know well.

In our opinion, as well as optimising your profile with the right key phrases, it’s also important to aggressively expand your network in any way you can. Visibility on LinkedIn is all about making as many connections as possible, and you simply won’t be seen if you’re not networking.

So, remember those 50 old colleagues you used to work with? Or those people you met at that networking lunch last week? Add them all! The more connections you make, the better your profile strength and the more authoritative you appear to your connections.

Plus, the more first degree connections you have, the more you can boost your second degree connections, continuously expanding your network and broadening your horizons with business opportunities and exchanges.

3. Publish a LinkedIn long form post

LinkedIn blog posts are a great way to get yourself noticed! Not only will publishing a professional post on the LinkedIn pulse platform help to increase your visibility and boost your authority in your chosen industry / topic, but these long form posts are searchable and shareable. Your connections will receive a notification every time you post too (this is where the aggressive network expansion comes in) and LinkedIn members not already in your network can follow you from the posts you publish.

The more you publish, the more you'll be seen as a thought leader in your sector, creating an organic way for you to grow your profile and successfully develop your personal brand.

For help with LinkedIn optimisation or profile writing, contact our team here at Brite Advice to find out more about our expert services.