How to Stay Motivated, Even When You’re Not Seeing Results

Motivation is a key ingredient of success. It’s something that entrepreneurs and high-flying executives need in order to reach their goals. But motivation is much more than just a noun. It’s a doing word, therefore we have to act.

Being motivated isn’t always easy, especially when the results are not visible or tangible, and even more so when the end target simply seems impossible. The real recipe for being motivated is to remain that way, to keep going. Here’s how to stay motivated and continue with business momentum, even when the going gets tough.

Set Smaller Targets

The bigger picture helps to keep you focused and heading in the right direction, but setting smaller targets and completing quick-action tasks can really give you a motivational boost on a day to day basis. Nothing feels better than accomplishing something, so tasks which can provide instant gratification are sometimes the answer. Allocate yourself a few quick-action tasks each day so you can sustain that all-important positive momentum moving forward.

Log Small Successes

Mini achievements (no matter how small) play a big part in the final outcome. So it’s important to embrace and celebrate each and every small success. And it’s equally important to remember them as they will serve as positive reminders of what you are capable of doing and how much you’ve achieved so far. Use a timeline or a list to tick off your accomplishments as you go and if you’re working with a team of people, share with the wider office to keep everyone in the same spirits.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Try to take some positives out of your errors and oversights. Making mistakes is the best way to learn so instead of letting business stumbling blocks set you back, let them motivate you more to get it right next time. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones and you will have a much more constructive approach to business issues.

Change Your Way of Thinking

The psychology behind motivation is all about resistance and solution. Feeling like you’re forced to do something (resistance) will yield very different results than when you choose to do something (solution). In the same way that thinking you can’t do something (resistance) creates a different mind-set to embracing a tough challenge (solution). Employ a ‘can do’ attitude to work and try to have passion for what you are doing, and your new way of thinking could help you be more productive in business.

How to Stay Motivated? Take a Break

“In order to go faster, we must first slow down” – something that many of us may have heard in management training. But what does it really mean? Sometimes, it’s important for us to stop what we are doing and take a step back. Heading straight back into work when you’re demotivated, depressed or disappointed after a setback isn’t a productive way of doing things. Taking a day or a week off to restore your health and recharge your brain can give you better motivation when you return.

In general, you should have regular breaks throughout the day, make time for exercise (exercise increases dopamine, which is essential for brain cognition), and always give yourself time off for holidays so you can come back with a fresh mind.