How to be a Great Leader and Inspire People to do Remarkable Things

It’s amazing what one person can do. If we consider some of the world’s greatest leaders – Napoleon, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Alexander The Great, Queen Victoria, or peace activist, Aung San Suu Kyi – it’s extraordinary to think that one man’s (or woman’s) views can influence so many.

A great leader not only perfects the art of persuasion to get people behind their campaign, but they can inspire others to do remarkable things, too. In business, it’s very much the same. A successful business leader isn’t about drilling down authority. It’s about inspiring, motivating, encouraging ideas, supporting colleagues and always leading by example.

Here are some tips on how to be a great leader yourself and how to inspire others to do great things, in business or life in general.

Great Leaders Provide Inspiration

Being inspirational is a good start to leading a team or a company. But how does one make themselves stimulating to others? Many natural leaders are born with charisma and charm to appeal and be able to tap into other people’s worlds. For those who don’t have a natural affinity with words, public speaking or showmanship, remember that you can work at it. Practice and learn from your mistakes.

Explain the Why, How and What

Most people in an organisation will know what they do – or what they are required to do – but how many of these people understand why? Your business mission or value proposition is something that needs to be shared across the board. Explain why you are doing something, how you are going to do it, and what tools are available to do it with. This gets everyone on the same page and spreads a mutual understanding across the group, giving every single person a true purpose. And purpose is a huge motivator for people at all levels.

Empower the People

Any business or organisation is driven by the people. Without them, things simply wouldn’t move forward. So empower them. Don’t hinder their success. Leadership is not an exclusive thing. Lead by inspiring others to lead too. Give them praise and reward when necessary, help them grow as individuals and as teams, give them the tools they need to better themselves and your brand, and instil confidence in them by making them feel appreciated. This is the way to get people to do great things in any workplace.

Top Leaders Earn Their Respect

You can’t inspire others into action without doing it yourself. So always lead by example. Follow through on what you say and try to do the kind, ethical and honest thing at all times. But before you can start leading, you will need to gain respect from your colleagues and build trust with every individual in your business. This doesn’t happen overnight and is something that is earned over time. Good leaders understand the importance of this and will work hard at becoming a respectful figure, one which everyone can look up to. Once you have earned your respect, it’s much easier to inspire those around you with new ideas and innovations.