Top Tips for Managing a Facility and Using a Platform to Do This

These days, facilities management is moving away from the deskbound role it once was and is becoming an on-the-move function, led by automated digital technology. Allowing easy remote management, so that managers can track, organise and coordinate anywhere in the world. One of our technology solutions works in partnership with Incident Desk, an all-in-one management solution that is particularly relevant to managers who need an effective way to resolve incidents quickly.

Benefits of Using a Platform

Adopting the latest technology for facilities management is important for companies looking to reduce unnecessary cost output and condense resources. Not only can embracing the online solution save you money, but it can save your business a lot of admin hours, freeing up your time to work on top line projects.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a digital solution such as Incident Desk:

  1. One system, multiple devices – modern facilities management software allows you to apply one single system to numerous devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets.
  2. Manage multiple sites – one system gives you access to multiple geographical locations in different boroughs and cities, meaning that your entire property portfolio can be monitored at any time. Drilling down further, you can also deal with multiple tenants, stakeholders, suppliers, service providers and the general public in relation to each site.
  3. Improved methods of communication – alerts to public users can also be managed easily such as important communications for residential tenants, commercial tenants, shoppers, students or staff.
  4. Smartphone app access – this allows remote management for different members of staff, which means that incidents can be resolved quickly.
  5. Data in one place – with one place to manage and file every incident or service request, resolving problems in any venue is incredibly easy and facilities managers can now deliver everything with much more accuracy.
  6. User friendly dashboards – platforms such as Incident Desk are designed with easy interfaces so that employees of all abilities can use them. Additionally, with no need for paper trails and physical filing, it can make management tasks in general a whole lot simpler.
  7. Best practice – as shared services keep growing, it’s important for companies to adopt new practice in-house and ensure that legal documents are up to date. And moving facilities management over to a shared platform is a fantastic start for promoting best practice in business.

Case Studies

Many companies have moved away from the traditional desk bound facilities management methods and embraced new technology. There have been numerous successful case studies, including Securitas Security Services which operates in 52 countries around the world; the challenge was to break down the silos of information within (and across) demarcated management zones, and the adoption of Incident Desk has helped to consolidate information into one easy, accessible place. Another example is the National Oceanography Centre which has more than 2,500 scientists, engineers, technologists, support staff and students across two operational sites; the challenge was to provide one system for multiple incident categories, and Incident Desk has delivered a digital solution to replace all manual processes.

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