FormStorm: Modern Automation and State-of-the-art Form Processing from CharacTell

For businesses looking to introduce easy automated processing to forms, invoices or documents, FormStorm from CharacTell can provide the most accurate solution.

FormStorm Enterprise is designed to deliver the most effective OCR for almost any form or document, with fully automated document scanning, document matching, data extraction, built-in validation or manual data verification, and document exporting with XML or CSV formats.

This state-of-the-art software uses OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition for seamless character recognition. Users can also expect the most accurate barcode recognition, form classification, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition. Minimising the time and costs involved with capturing and entering data manually.

With FormStorm, companies can transfer documents from paper to digital databases easily, and because the entire system is fully automated, admin time is dramatically reduced. A computerised process allows workers to spend their time focusing on the important day to day, and also allows businesses to make necessary cuts on human resources.

Additionally, automation and bots are considered to be highly accurate in comparison to manual document processing, which helps to eradicate any risk of discrepancy, such as high and mounting costs or loss of business.

Automation is one of the biggest business trends of today, and together with machine learning, it’s considered to be a game changer for 2018. With forecasts from Forrester predicting that AI-enabled automation would eliminate around 9% of human jobs in the U.S alone. To prepare for the shift in industry, it’s important for organisations to update their processes for digitisation.

By adopting automated software such as FormStorm, businesses of every size can optimise operations whilst getting ready for the new technological phase of Industry 4.0.

To find out more about FormStorm for moving from paper to digital, get in touch with our team at Brite Advice. We work closely with technology partner CharacTell to create integrated and seamless solutions. You can get in touch via our online form, or call our office direct on +44(0) 207 030 3146.