Document Management Solutions: Speed Up Your Internal Efficiencies

It’s not uncommon for companies to ignore document management. In fact, it’s quite often overlooked by businesses of all sizes. But there are some very powerful advantages to having a document management system in place, and one of the biggest benefits is being able to improve efficiency on every level.

Documents are used across all areas and departments of your business, and without good document management, problems such as loss of time, discrepancies, poor service or poor communication can occur. This is especially true for businesses operating on an international basis, as the process of globalisation means that workplaces are more geographically dispersed. So for companies that are expanding, or start-ups with a view to take their business global, it’s incredibly important to think about document storage solutions within the workplace and how workflow will be managed.

How Can Document Management Solutions Help?

Document management solutions include critical features such as document storage, access control and security, simultaneous editing for teams, easy search and document retrieval, indexing, and audit trails. Having this sort of document management solution in place can streamline processes, reduce admin time, consolidate filing, improve accuracy and communication, and ultimately improve the goods or services that you provide to customers.

Additionally, a digitised platform means that your business can go paperless. A paperless office is kinder to the environment and can be significantly more cost-effective. So not only can you save precious time and resource by instilling better organisation of documents, but you can cut back on paper and printing costs by keeping it all in a secure system. When you consider that every person, at every level and within every department of your organisation receives, processes and produces documents of information every single day, the benefits of a document management solution will become very clear.

Moreover, doing your bit for the environment is an important element when incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into your business model. So choosing a system can be a smart move in more ways than one.

DocLogix™: Adaptable, Configurable and Easy-to-scale

Within our Technology Solutions offering, we partner with DocLogix™; a simple and scalable platform that allows businesses of all sizes to manage, store and access their company information in the most convenient way.

The biggest benefit of using this document management platform is that it’s easy to use – for everyone. So it doesn’t matter who within your organisation needs to find or file a document, the DocLogix™ solution can make the process simple and accessible.

The user-friendly design means that everyone from directors and executives to sales managers and admin staff are able to work to the same format. The ultimate gain here is better application of time, resource and better efficiency across the board.

DocLogix™ also allows you to monitor workflow more effectively; plus there are additional features such as insightful business analytics, document importing, scanning, and full integration with MS Office, SAP, NAV and applications on mobile devices. So managers and busy execs who are constantly on the go can access information from anywhere in the world.

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