Document Management Software: Changing the Manufacturing Space

DM (Document Management) is revolutionising the way that manufacturing companies do business. If you want to save time, space and money, and build a more efficient way of working for the future, then DM software is worth the investment.

At Brite Advice, we’ve partnered with DocLogix™ to bring clients a seamless solution for business admin, making operations run smoothly and more effectively day to day. And recognised as the most promising enterprise content management solution provider worldwide, DocLogix™ is leading the way in DM.

DocLogix™ is a powerful platform for the manufacturing sector and can meet the specific needs of different companies. The key benefits of using this software are:

  • Reduced storage space
  • Easy document storage / retrieval
  • Easy document sharing
  • Enhanced security
  • Better regulatory / legal compliance
  • Advanced backup and disaster recovery
  • A paperless office

How DocLogix™ Works

The DocLogix™ platform is a one stop solution for all documents that come in and out of the business; allowing you to share, send, edit, amend, file or retrieve all from any remote location in the world.

Contracts, reports, emails, invoices, purchase orders, letters, studies, sales notes and presentations can now be stored digitally. And managers can now oversee progress of their team via shared access with the DocLogix™ software. Watch this video to find out more about how the time-saving software works:

As a business solution, DocLogix™ is much more than just a document management system. It’s a unique tool that connects executives, sales managers, project managers and administrative assistants. So you can effectively manage every business process in your organisation, whilst automating tasks that would otherwise be very time-consuming.

Within the manufacturing industries, being able to streamline day to day processes allows companies to refocus their energies on more important areas. It also lets businesses relieve resources in administration, freeing up cash flow and permitting a possibility of increasing budget in other departments where funding is needed.

Paperless in Manufacturing

One of the most significant ways that document management software is changing the manufacturing space is the reality of going paper free across all business locations. Not only does this save physical space in your business (which can be very costly) and eradicate inaccuracy or human error when it comes to the use of paper documents, but going paper free is better for the environment.

Digitising your documents is a great way of enhancing your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), something that trade partners and customers are increasingly interested in when looking for brands, products or suppliers.

The average office worker will use a staggering 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. And almost half of the paper used in offices ends up in the trash and will not be recycled. That’s trillions of sheets of paper used per year across the world. So using a digitalised solution makes sense as the next responsible step for businesses of every size. And as environmentalism continues to be a key issue within the world of manufacturing, having the right document management solution will become more significant than ever.

To find out more about DocLogix™ and how document management software could change your business for the better, get in touch with our team at Brite Advice today. Drop us an email at or call +44(0) 207 030 3146.