DocLogix Manufacturing Solutions Preparing Businesses for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the topic that everyone is talking about in manufacturing. Dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution, it’s time to pave the way for new technologies and evolve into the ‘smart factory’ of the future. But many organisations are facing the challenges that come with digital transformation.

The next big step is automation, something that will ultimately improve production flow, reduce downtime and eliminate discrepancies or human error. The end vision is a network of production houses, where all members of the supply chain can communicate without the need for any human interaction. It will certainly revolutionise the way the traditional factory operates and it can also help manufacturers increase growth and accelerate new market penetration at an impressive rate. But taking the leap is something that requires a lot of planning. This includes as series of steps, including a clear 4.0 strategy, the right expertise and the right training for existing managers, deploying efficient and scalable technology, as well as having a healthy investment budget.

It’s also vital to improve information management through systems such as DocLogix, a platform that can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of each manufacturing company.

DocLogic Manufacturing is an information and business process management system, specifically designed to help manufacturing companies to cope with information chaos, gain transparency, traceability and boost productivity. This affordable business solution is suitable for small to medium sized companies, and has a track record in helping production lines take full control with increased cooperation and responsibility.

Companies using the DocLogix platform have been able to reduce labour costs by 37%, increase productivity by 26%, and improve overall traceability and visibility by around 45%.

The system can be used for easy work orders management, quality management, laboratory management, risk and incident management, machine management, time and expenses tracking, and business reporting. It can remove the manual process of gathering documents at the end of each manufacturing process, helping to improve the flow of information, ready for your company’s move to Industry 4.0.

Watch the DocLogix Manufacturing video demo below:

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