Automation, Jobs and the Future

Throughout modern history, there has been a fear of robots. Whether it’s the belief that they will take over the world or concern for our jobs, technophobia is not an uncommon concept. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is one of the most amazing advancements, one that will be able to change our lives in many ways, but it’s a technology that also raises a lot of questions.

A recent survey conducted at the University of Sheffield found that almost 6 in 10 Brits were worried about the impact of robots on mankind. While 4 in 10 people thought that humanoids could in fact destroy humanity. And with automation being such a major advancement in business, another big concern was robots stealing jobs and putting highly skilled people out of work.

But there’s a lighter side to A.I and automation in the workplace. And some experts – including IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty and Alphabet Inc.’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt – believe that automation will create more jobs for the future.

For businesses, there is an opportunity for growth, which can only benefit our economy and increase the demand for more skilled workers. Robotic technology offers so many advantages to both SMEs and big corporations, with things like automation saving them time and money.

According to our technology partner CIGNEX Datamatics, its automated solutions can cut back on up to 30% of a company's resources, delivering a cost saving of somewhere between $3000 and $10,000 per year. So for businesses that are looking to improve their bottom line and streamline their processes, automation can only be a good thing.

From everyday tasks to automating marketing activities, CIGNEX Datamatics can help businesses reduce costs while also achieving a higher level of efficiency. That’s something worth noting – a bot can perform at 99.5% accuracy, eliminating the burden of human error.

Whilst robotic accuracy may be a scary prospect for some, it’s important to remember that A.I isn’t going to replace humans in the workplace. There will simply be a shift in the job market and rethinking job creation will be essential.

Overall, the use of new technology will increase prosperity and every industry can benefit from robotics such as CIGNEX automation. Including construction and manufacturing to transportation and healthcare.

For business leaders, it’s time to start thinking about embracing these advancements in order to be well-prepared for the future.

“It is the imperative for every CEO and Board of Directors to ask the question: ‘What is my company's plan to harness the power of Automation for the next 10 years in every aspect of my business?’

The next 10 years promise to the ride of our lives as Automation drives unimaginable change across companies and countries and not discussing its implications today would be the most severe mistake anyone could ever make. There was a company called Kodak that never took the threat of Digital cameras seriously and we all know what happened to them!”  - Paul Anthony, President Sales at CIGNEX Datamatics

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