South Africa: The Perfect UK Partner for Outsourcing

Given the steady movement towards globalisation and collaboration, it is perhaps surprising that British business has paid so little attention to the most obvious outsourcing partner they have. South Africa.

English is widely spoken as a first language, the level of education is high, the time difference (one hour in summer and two in winter) is far less than between the UK and any Asian partner, and they have one of the two best national teams in the world in both cricket and rugby.

Even the banks and insurance companies have a British feel to them (Barclays has been there since 1925), so money transfers are easily arranged and safe. What more could a British business want?

Well, they could want a good price and South Africa comes up trumps there, too, because the rate of exchange between the pound and the rand means that both payer and paid are likely to be happy with the transaction.

Brite Advice’s CEO, Kulvinder Reyatt, has just returned from a visit to South Africa and was impressed by the exceptional level of technology and the ease of communicating with systems designers, project managers and programmers, who have been through an education system similar to Britain’s and have communicated in English since they first learned to speak.

The purpose of this trip was to secure partnerships between Brite Advice and South African companies and we are delighted to announce that the mission is accomplished.

The first of our new partners is IDU, who provide financial budgeting software for non-financial managers.

IDU was established in 1998 to deliver smart software solutions for budgeting and financial reporting across all standard ERP and financial systems. IDU’s flagship product, IDU-Concept, is specifically designed to overcome issues that get in the way of effective budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Some of these smart and intuitive features include:

  • A web-based budgeting and forecasting platform that gives fast turnaround and better budget ownership across the business.
  • Budgeting is important but reporting even more so; the IDU package meshes with the budgeting and forecasting software so you can compare where you are with where you should be.
  • Asset management tracking by cost centre.
  • IDU’s Spend Management system keeps you in control of cash flow.

IDU is fast becoming a global brand and Brite Advice will be the UK presence.

The second new technology partner is DVT, a software development and testing organisation since 1999, with 500 staff delivering a premium service to more than a hundred businesses in South Africa and internationally. DVT has completed more than 350 software solution assignments. DVT trades internationally yet remains a hands-on, can-do, make‑things‑happen company that acts as an extension of its customers’ own operations. DVT’s services include:

  • Business solutions consulting: with more than 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing software solutions across various industry sectors, DVT create enterprise architectures and system blueprints for enterprises.
  • Custom Software Development: DVT develops custom software applications for enterprise, web, design and mobile platforms.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Offering of an end-to-end range of services that allow customers to gain real business value from mobility solutions.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions: Provisions of comprehensive consulting, implementation and support in BI, analytics, and Big Data.

Last but not least is Solution House. The more technologies converge, the more you need companies like Solution House, who integrate physical security devices with the underlying technology that supports them. Solution House offers impressive and innovative, cloud-based incident and activity solutions that have multiple industry applications, alongside physical security solutions.

Solution House’s enterprise-level incident management back-end, public smartphone apps and GPS mapping is the incident management solution to multiple security and facilities issues, wrapped up in a light and flexible development that accommodates a growing client base that already includes UK clients, such as the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and Liverpool.

Whether your interest in these services for your own use as a direct customer or as a channel partner selling these superb products to end clients, we want to hear from you. Contact Kulvinder now at Brite Advice + 44 (0) 207 030 3146 or