Development and Testing by South African Software Ninjas in the UK

Outsourcing software development and testing to another country that was investing in IT education and where wage costs were far lower than they are in Britain looked like a good idea. And it was a good idea – so why have so many companies now repatriated software development to the UK?

There are three reasons:

  • First and most importantly, language. The person you negotiated the deal with certainly spoke great English, but less so those who were writing the software. You found it difficult to be certain they had understood what you wanted, and as for the documentation…;
  • The education in IT is there, but it wasn’t as good in all cases as you had been led to expect. The software when it came back needed a lot of debugging and was not always structured in the most effective way;
  • Time differences. They were several hours ahead, which makes communication a challenge.

So outsourcing software development and testing to another continent perhaps weren't as great as you first anticipated. Well, it doesn’t need to be the case. To deal with the three problems described above, what you need is clear:

  • A country where English is the first language and people not only speak it clearly but understand exactly what’s expected of them. Because command of the language is so good, the documentation is first-class;
  • A country where IT education really is at the forefront, where the people teaching it are up to speed on latest developments in this fast-moving industry, and where the skills of IT graduates can be relied on totally;
  • A country with a very narrow time difference with the UK.

That country exists! That country is South Africa. One hour ahead of the UK in summer and two in winter. IT graduates who can hold their own with those of any country. And a command of English – spoken and written – as good as anyone’s in Britain; often better, in some cases!

DVT is one of South Africa’s foremost software development and testing companies. Founded in 1999 and employing 500 people, it leads the way in:

  • Custom software development;
  • Software quality assurance;
  • Enterprise mobile solutions.

And now, DVT is firmly in the UK market because Brite Advice have supported the South African company to establish DVT UK and GTC (Global Test Centre UK). This means that DVT can now offer their services more effectively to the UK market, while still harnessing the benefits of South African outsourcing.

If development and/or testing of software is sometimes a headache for you, get in touch. We may have just the medicine you need.