Are Press Releases Still Relevant in 2017?

As digital and online become more central than ever, businesses need to consider whether traditional marketing techniques are still relevant today and in the future. Having an online presence is no longer just important, it’s essential. For everyone, everywhere. No matter your walk of life, your profession, or your age, having a good knowledge of the digital sphere is hugely beneficial to your career. For a brand, online marketing is vital to growth and success. So with ever increasing focus on digitalisation, can old hat tricks still work?

The short answer is “yes”. It would be easy to assume that with social media allowing us to distribute information to multiple networks quickly and effectively, the press release is well and truly dead. But before you dismiss it as passé, just remember that PR is a three pronged approach. That means incorporating traditional media with both social media and digital outreach. Here are the reasons why press releases are still very much relevant in 2017:

Brand Exposure

A press release is great for gaining brand exposure and telling your brand story to members of the media. Whether you are trying to reach out to magazines, newspapers, online publications or bloggers, sending out a well-written, informative and newsworthy release is the best way of doing it. If your story is depicted in the right way, you will win instant exposure with editors.

Press Exclusivity

There’s something very exclusive about distributing press only releases; these are designed for editors’ eyes only and information is not yet available through social media. This approach is fantastic for forging press relationships and staggering the outflow of brand news.

SEO Benefits

Press releases that are published online not only become visible to an online press audience such as online writers, digital journos and bloggers, but they can also have fantastic SEO benefits for your business website. Publish them within your business news section or submit them to press release sites with a link back to your site. The ‘link juice’ created from backlinks will add authority to your domain and enhance your Google PageRank score; an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.

A Combined Approach

Traditional media works very well when in conjunction with new media. Press release distribution should be combined with social media efforts, email marketing, search engine optimisation, as well as blogger outreach.

Internal Distribution

There are many ways you can use a press release these days. You can send them out to editors, publish them online, add them to your website news section, or you can distribute them internally to update your employees. Internal comms is often overlooked but press releases can be used to ensure that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet when liaising with clients and customers.

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