The Latest Digital Marketing Trends that You Should Know About

The thing about the online world is that it’s always changing. Meaning that digital marketers have to brush up on their knowledge constantly and keep up to date with the latest innovations, whilst newcomers and start-ups have an incredible opportunity to capitalise from new technology. Something that wasn’t possible for entrepreneurs before the internet. Digital marketing is truly exciting. And if you are investing time, money and resource into building an online reputation for your brand, here are some of the things that you need to know about right now.

These are some of the latest digital marketing trends predicted for 2017/18:

  1. On-the-Go Consumerism

Shopping on the go is bigger than ever so mobile app development is something that retailers should take seriously in the coming months. With the explosive advancements in smart devices, our handsets will become more powerful than ever in influencing consumer decisions at point of purchase.

  1. ‘Instant’ Social Media

Unsurprisingly, social media continues to play an important role in online marketing, and is continually developing. When it was once a side project in optimisation, it is now just as significant as SEO. So social media marketing, in any form, is a worthy investment of time and resource. But one of the biggest social trends to keep an eye on this year is the growth of instantaneous social channels, such as Snapchat or Instagram. This is something which particularly appeals to Generation Z, a post-millennial group that have grown up with instant response and instant connection with personal contacts and brands on every platform.

  1. Live Video Streaming

Almost in answer to the iGeneration’s need for instant social channels, platforms are now starting to include live video streaming for its users. This gives brands and businesses an opportunity to connect with customers or their target audience in real-time. It can also be used to live stream shows, conferences, events, business talks and discussions both internally and externally.

  1. Content Continues to Rule

Content marketing remains as one of the most important digital marketing techniques for brands and businesses looking to establish a presence online. This includes on-page content and ‘sticky’ content, back link content and using content marketing communities, as well as encouraging user generated content such as discussion forums or social media posts.

  1. The Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is something that is set to take off over the next few years and we will see more and more of it in 2017. The success of Pokemon Go (app owners earning an average of $10 million a day) proved that mobile users of all ages were ready for AR experiences, and that the potential for earning is a big one when the time is right.

  1. Influencer Marketing

What brands really can’t ignore this year is the power of influencer marketing. Consumer brands especially, will discover that the biggest voices in the digital world are that of bloggers and Youtube stars. These people have overtaken celebrities as key social influencers and trusted product endorsers. And more and more businesses are now enforcing influencer marketing as a part of their brand strategy.